• Stained glass window commonly called “the legend of Saint-Nicolas”. Stained glass window by GRUBER 1928 (born 25 February 1870 in Sundhouse and died on December 15, 1936 in Paris). Large Stained GlassPass the bridge.


  • The tub and the three very young children ensure the certain identification of the saint as they are part of his legend.


  • The bridge is almost the center of the stained glass window with the Meurthe, as in 1862 (figuration on the 19th century) which it spans. We are at the center of our action.



The angel, on the left, is sensible

protect Varangéville

and a closes (the priory ?)

The angel on the right protects

Port, his basilica,

its urban environment

  • The lower part, a triptych of life during the 1914-1918 war. Declination of the Angelus in its three AVE MARIA : Morning; Noon; Evening (youth, maturity, old age). This triptych functions as a three-part evocation of family life during the first world War.


  • In the scene on the right, the image of the soldier imposes itself by his wounds displayed as if by his 1914 blue uniform with his early-war red trousers still on.



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