4-Mary stained glass window


We discover an all-blue stained glass window (marital blue), an important contrast with the previous one.

Ave Maria stained glass window in images by Pierre CHEVALLEY, mid-20th century.

This is made up of three elements: The statement of the composition of this stained glass window is that of Jacques CHOUX (1969)

The tympanum of the canopy made up of the Trinity and the Archangel Gabriel as a messenger.



The central element of the stained glass represents the ASSUMPTION




Left side :



Cartridge gems






Right side :



Fruit cartridges






  • On the last we can find: Mary, the right hand on the heart of Christ at the wrists crucified, John with the gospel to be written under his arm. All three are barefoot, meaning the sacred space of sacrifice, and the apocalypse. Chevalley’s signature on the lower right corner

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