5-Saint Fiacre, Saint Barbara of Jacques

In this chapel, we discover two stained glass windows : Saint-Fiacre and Saint-Barbe de Jacques GRUBER 1erhalf of the 20th century, financed by 1928 war damage.

To the left :The spadeAndthe hermitagefor Saint-Fiacre, anchorite herbalist monk, patron saint of market gardeners and gardeners but also the holy healer (hemorrhoids, cankers and other cancers). The market gardeners and gardeners place themselves under his protection and place baskets of fruits and vegetables at the foot of the altar during his party in Metz. The feast of Saint-Fiacre takes place every first Sunday in September, which made it a possible competitor for Saint-Gorgon



To the right : Tower, the bookAndmartyr’s palmfor Sainte-Barbe, patroness of miners and she therefore very honored with pomp at Varangéville. Today still a chapel where it is sculpted in salt exists underground. Protector of lightning, therefore of fires. (firefighters or explosives, etc.). priority attribute is the 3-window tower, but no opening, the three windows do not exist or so they are not visible.

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