– Heritage After the 1914 bombardment, the church lost almost all of its 16th century stained glass windows to except for a very small « ascent » figure attributed to Valentin BOUSCH, (born at the end of the XVᵉ century in Strasbourg and died in August 1541 in Metz), at the bellows of the glass roof of the 7ᵉ side bay south.

 – The theme of this small fragment therefore corresponds to the ascent. We discover four series of saints grouped in threes and arranged in two rows.

 – The 12 apostles raise their heads to see Christ. Saint John in green, is beardless. Stone in red, faces him. His tunic is the same color as the garments of Christ who chose him to lead his earthly church. The shaft of the cross graphically highlights this privileged link between them two.

 – We also notice that all the apostles are represented in the lower part of the stained glass window in one compact group certainly but not chaotic.

– This stained-glass window, in its current modesty, nevertheless brings us back to the brilliance of an era of cultural richness of which we have lost the references.

– As you can see, not all glass surfaces were stained. Seen the high price of the stained glass windows, the sponsors gradually positioned themselves to make an act of devotion.

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